TRUSOX - What's the story?

There's more to this sock than you think.

An idea conceived by former American footballer Jim Cherneski, TRUSOX has now become world renowned for it's performance enhancing attributes. Bothering Jim during his playing years, in 2000 he began thinking of what he could do to eradicate the slipping and sliding he was getting in his boots when he was playing.

In 2007, he was playing and coaching for Crystal Palace Baltimore. This sliding began driving him crazy, as he was needing to wear his boots two sizes too small just to bear with the instability he was experiencing - at this stage, his mind was narrowed in on how to eradicate this frustrating phenomena. After simply googling 'non-slip yarns', he ordered some material and took it to a local sock-mill in Alabama. They knit up the initial and tacky prototype, and away Bill went testing. Running up and down, cutting back and forth, along a grassy surface behind the mill.

The initial experiment had some issues - but Bill was definitely onto something. Perspiration and sweat would render the prototype sock worse than the other football socks being used by his test subjects, who were his off-season players at the time. The thinking hats came back on. Through trial and error, Bill persisted in finding the right materials to achieve in creating the ultimate footballing sock. At this stage, it was still just trying to figure out this slipping issue for himself. Nonetheless, he filed for a patent as the non-slip yarn definitely worked, it was now just a matter of finding a material in which would work in both wet and dry conditions.

After some years and continued business in the background, the TRUSOX company was created in Maryland in late 2011. At around this time, they gave a pair to Premier League footballer Victor Moses, who came back with; "I love these. Get me more." Ever since, TRUSOX have taken the footballing world by storm. Suarez, Bale, Robben, are just to name a few of the players who took up TRUSOX in it's initial boom. Now, seemingly they are everywhere.

TRUSOX quickly established itself as the intriguing sock that had those dots which the pros would always wear. From a footballers perspective, these were the ultimate sock to play and train in. The standard 'teamwear' sock was rendered useless in comparison. It even began the famous trend where elite footballers would cut their club socks just to accommodate their beloved TRUSOX. Even our players in Australia, such as Sam Kerr, are on board the TRUSOX train.

The unique patent that TRUSOX holds is its In//Ex technology. These In//Ex pads are found on in the inside and outside of the sock, which grip not only to the boot - but allow the foot to grip to the sock. This allows for a unique function where it minimizes movement and slippage in the boot, not only killing off this annoying feeling, but also allowing for more power transfer and energy when pushing off and moving. Another great asset of the TRUSOX is the fit they offer. From a footballers perspective, we have felt many club or teamwear socks offering a bizarre fit. Sometimes these socks can be too tight or loose in areas, creating an uncomfortable fit where it can bunch up. TRUSOX offer an accommodating footballers fit, fitting how a sock should - tight and comfortable in all the right areas.

As footballers, we all look for the extra edge in every area of our game. Jim Cherneski was able to identify a really niche, but important area no one has acted upon before. TRUSOX have revolutionised the game, and since then we have seen countless attempts at copying it. But there is no substitute for the original and best grip sock.

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