Straight out of Australia, Concave have been producing quality football goods for a while now, and it seems they've continued this trend with the all new Blue/White pack the brand has unveiled.


With a predominantly Blue upper, the Volt+ is Concave's shining speed football boot, dashed with White ascents for a little bit of 'pop'. Featuring the Concave'd tongue striking element, the Volt+ is structured for those lightweight speedsters, who need a thin upper for reduced weight and close-touch to the ball.

Featuring a more subtle White leather upper with Blue detailing, the revamped Halo+ is Concave's power boot solution. Much like the good old power boots from way back, the Halo+ features rubberized striking elements, to help aid creating more grip, spin, power, and accuracy. Certainly a boot for those who miss this very distinct feeling of a football boot: tough, strong, comfortable and powerful.




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