Global Price Match

We are taking it to the world

Australian football is about "punching above our weight and be all those things synonymous with what we admire as a sporting nation" Ange Postecoglou, Australian Manager

#TrueFootball in Australia is about never taking a backward step and taking it to the world- to compete not just to compete in our backyard, but on the world stage.

This is why SPT Football has introduced our Global Price Match policy where we will match the price you will pay to get a product to you from any reputable retailer anywhere in the world.

That's right- any price, any where.

We don't compete with local retailers like Rebel Sport, Sportspower, Athlete's Foot, Intersport but reputable international sites such as Pro-Direct Soccer, Unisport,, and more.

Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list- you are not eligible unless this is done

To apply- simply click on the Global Price Match icon on the product page and submit the price in AUD that we are matching. We match the price delivered to you which includes the shipping price. To ensure we compete on an even playing field- some small terms and conditions apply (See below).

Please check below to check what price to submit using our calculator. If you submit an incorrect price- we will not be able to correct it.


Product price:


Total: AU$



Terms and Conditions:

1. You must be subscribed to our mailing list or any membership program we have to be eligible to a price match under this policy.

2. Prices go up and down daily but TO operate this effectively we need to set clear prices.

3. Brand stores- if the retailer has an Australian webstore offering product in AUD- we only match this price, not international versions of their site


4. We match only reputable overseas retail stores as below, but not limited too

- Pro Direct Soccer

- UniSport


5. We only match authorised retailers of product. We do not match unauthorised onsellers on Ebay/Amazon or any person onselling products or making second hand sales

6. Pricing is offered for one unit only and does not apply to multiple or bulk unit buys.

7. Prices are matched for exact products only- same colour, style and product.

8. Taxes - even though we need to pay taxes here in Australia, if you don't need to pay on your order to get it to you- then you don't need to include it in the price you are matching.