Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Blue Blast new release

Adidas Ace17+ PureControl Blue Blast new release

On launch, the retail ACE 17+ PureControl football boots featured one upper, different to what the pro’s who take to the pitch in the PureControl were wearing. All the same but one vital part that makes the PureControl what it is: the collarIt seemed the ControlSkin collar and midfoot was favoured more by the pros over the PrimeKnit variation that was distributed across the globe and Australia upon launch of the Red Limit colourway. Spectators pointed and spectated at the boots and Adidas, begging the question “do the pros have better boots then?”



An answer without words spoken, Adidas now unveil the ‘Blue Blast’ colourway featuring the exact collar that pro’s wear. Instead modifying it to look or be something else, Adidas just put it straight on a plate for the football community, the chance to wear exactly what the pros have and play in.



The difference though? Why do the pros need this collar? The ControlSkin fabric of the pro-collar features a tighter yet more stretchable knit construction, allowing for a better fit: essentially hugging the foot better and conforming to its shape. Thinner to: it’s obvious how much more responsive the pro-preferred ControlSkin upper, offering more ‘ping’ and close-to-foot ball control.



Still featuring all the other important things such as the PrimeKnit forefoot, Boost insole and laceless sock design, the ACE 17+ PureControl is available to buy on the 26th January at online and in-store