adidas F50 adiZero IV

THROWBACK - adidas F50 adiZero IV

Oh how we wish these were still around.

Prior to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, adidas unveiled the 4th generation of adiZero football boots. The F50 silo migrated into the adiZero series in 2010 - 4 years down the track, the F50 adiZero went from leaps and bounds to it's 4th iteration. This was the F50 at its peak.

The F50 adiZero IV is looked upon as the finest in speed boot mastery from adidas Football. It was 'featherweight' like, had a brilliant soleplate, offered a real low-profile speed boot-esque fit, and allowed for a thin barefoot feel on the ball.

It's lightweight attribute came thanks to the SpeedFoil technology. SpeedFoil was first seen on this adiZero, and allowed for a strong construction in the heel and midfoot areas, all the while shedding many grams in the boots overall weight.

This soleplate will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. The SprintFrame outsole was introduced in 2010 alongside the first F50 adiZero. It remained largely unchanged, up until this generation, which saw the triangular shaped studs take on a more obtuse angle. Elite, Semi-Pro and Amateurs alike, all fell in love with the aggressiveness and how comfortable this soleplate this was. This soleplate carried over onto many of the SL (Super Lightweight) series which adidas concocted afterwards.

adidas went for their proprietary HybridTouch synthetic for the upper on these. HybridTouch was a synthetic used on their current Predator series, and offered a similar deal to what Nike gave with their Kanga-Lite synthetic. It was a lightweight synthetic which offered a leather like feel on the ball, and was largely popular amongst the adidas faithful. Along the forefoot, adidas implemented a DribbleTex application, which was a sticky pattern embossed onto the upper for increased ball control.

A boot to behold. If you had worn the F50 adiZero IV, you would understand the current nostalgic value these now have. They were a simple speed boot, which truly lived the 'less is more' motto. adidas took a brazen turn with the F50 adiZero series, as the 5th generation took a complete different path - leaving many dissatisfied. This then left the 4th generation with a legendary status: it was well and truly the last, and great, F50 boot from the three-stripes brand.

adidas' current X series seems to have some direct inspiration from the F50 adiZero IV. It carries over a lot of the similar aesthetics, and some likeness in the aggressive soleplate and super-thin upper. adidas' X19 series have brought us a closeness to this adiZero we never had previously, and it seems the lessons adidas learned with the IV have now influenced their current boot line-up.

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