adidas Copa 19+ - 'Initiator Pack'

adidas Copa 19+ - 'Initiator Pack'

The Copa 19 is the most revolutionary leather football boot to ever land, with adidas taking the Copa to the next level and beyond. A super soft K-Leather upper has been fused to a Primeknit sock with ‘Fusionskin’ technology, allowing for a seamless fit and feel. 360 degrees of comfort and undeniable ball feel wraps the foot, as the super soft leather allows for incredible softness and quality feel.  A cushioned heel pad in the football boot helps further aid comfort, making this brand new Copa 19 football the pinnacle of comfort, touch, and premium feel.

The technical innovations of the new Copa 19 football boot fall into three categories – fit, touch and movement. In terms of fit; the internal construction, featuring foam pads and an ortholite sockliner, provides cushioning and comfort. The Sockfit collar is engineered to naturally expand to foot shape to ensure supportive fit while an anatomical upper mimics a barefoot experience.

The new Fuse Skin is an evolution of the Copa’s classic leather treatment that features a seamless and less permeable skin, re-defining touch for a football boot. The K Leather itself is super soft, providing optimal comfort and touch. The X Ray Vamp brings the foot closer to the ball and reduces slippage. The Purecut laces remove unneeded layers to maximise ball control area.

The design of the Copa19+ is also engineered to maximise movement and feel. The Comfortframe stabilises movement and enhances traction. The two footshape inlays allow optimal cushioning. The stud positioning and shape have been designed to optimize rotation.

Where the Predator is all about control, the X all about speed and the Nemeziz all about agility, the Copa 19+ is built around touch. Every element of the design is constructed to maximise touch, allowing the game’s most skilful players to control the ball and bring out the very best of their own game.

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