Originally released in 2002 for the World Cup in Korea/Japan, the FeverNova was ground-breaking and a huge step in football product innovation and design. Marking the departure from traditional football design, the teched-out (for its time..) FeverNova featured a full Champagne White colour base, hit with triangular shapes featuring Gold, Red, and Green. Most made iconic for its duo with David Beckham, but most importantly, matching the same colours of those famous Adidas Predator Mania's he rocked.

Many famous moments for the England national team captain and superstar in the Champagne White Predator Mania's, including that reputation redeeming penalty against Argentina in that very world cup. Seem's this Champagne coloured ball, which inspired one of the most famous Predator colourways of all time, has seen its fair share of history... 


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