adidas 'Lone Hunter' Pack

adidas 'Lone Hunter' Pack

The first installment of adidas' range in 2018 is the 'Lone Hunter' Pack - The Lone Hunter pack is inspired by the actions of the Nature’s predator, predominantly their environments, and how they establish their territorial dominance. The packs are built on revisited camo with a pop of orange.


The boldest of the bunch - the X17.1, takes a big-cat inspired print donning the entire boot to create a bold and vivid effect. For speed and causing chaos, this part of the Lone Hunter pack is for the loud and chaotic, the fastest of the bunch. 

The story of the 'Lone Hunter' and the character of the Predator go hand-in-hand, creating a boot built for those who dominate every blade of grass with dominant displays or power and control. Sound like you? These might be the ones for 2018 then.

For the silent killers, this more toned down and less-bold pick of the bunch might be the one. With a dual-tone brown/black striped design, the Nemeziz 17.1 takes it's agile character and blends it with a more hushed print, perfect for the hunter who destroys with silky style and skills.


The 'Lone Hunter' pack is one of the first packs of 2018 and it's already proven to be a strong one - think it's the one for you for the early part of your year? Find them in-store and online at Australia's True Football Destination, SPTFootball