adidas X18+ and X18.1 'Energy Mode' - the F50 is back

adidas X18+ and X18.1 'Energy Mode' - the F50 is back

The adidas X18 has arrived – available NOW at SPTFootball, the X18 headlines the Energy Mode and boot news discussion as the true resurrection of the adidas F50 and adiZero silos.


Originally replacing the F50 in 2015, the X aimed to replace the speed based silo – but to many, missed the mark. Now just in time for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, adidas revamped the X to truly bring back to life what was one of the greatest speed boots of our time, featuring both laceless and laced variants - the X18.


The star of the show, the X18+ (laceless) features a seamless upper. Made from SKELETAL WEAVE, it's compiled of an ultra-thin woven grid of optically charged speed yarns to allow for responsive touch and lightweight feel. The new, ultra-soft SPEEDMESH offers a controlled touch without restricting the movement of the foot.


With a laceless construction, the X18+ features the brand new CLAW COLLAR construction that features a new stretch material that secures the foot in place and provides increased stability and support.


It features below a SPEEDFRAME. Much similar to the old SprintFrame we had on the F50, the SpeedFrame takes the best of the soleplates from the X’s and F50’s. In the rear, it has more rounded studs like the ones seen on previous X16/17 models, whilst the forefoot has more aggressive triangular studs, largely inspired by the adiZero F50 I/II/III/IV models. It’s topped off with a beautiful chrome finish, to ignite the pitches that they grace here in Australia and in Russia for the World Cup.

Most like the old F50, the X18.1 laced option, features a SpeedMesh upper. Most reminiscing of the late F50 adiZero IV, the SpeedMesh upper is made to be thin, lightweight, but most interestingly – it requires zero break-in time. Engineered to fit perfect and be good to go from the moment you slip them on, the X18.1’s upper is super soft and plush, as its dual layer design allows it to be malleable and flexible from the get-go. The X18.1 still features the exact SpeedFrame soleplate, highly reminiscent of past F50’s and loosely inspired by the X.  


Both models are available NOW at SPTFootball - Australia's True Football Destination