Boot Profile: Puma EvoPower 1 'Vigor' - Green/Black

Boot Profile: Puma EvoPower 1 'Vigor' - Green/Black

The EvoPower is Puma's silo which is all about creating more power in your strikes... let's dive in to see what makes what many call the last 'true power' football boot on the market.

Adap-Lite: used to construct the upper, Adap-Lite is a one way stretch synthetic, which is super buttery soft straight out of the box. The reasoning behind it only stretching lengthways and not widthways, is to mimic the barefoot kicking motion of your feet bending, which Puma's research labs have concluded created more catapult and force in your shots.

Accu-Foam: scattered all over the upper, the Accu-Foam pods, upon impact with the ball, flattens the bumpy natural surface of the feet which the balls strikes, in turn creating a flat surface in which you can then get more accuracy. It also acts as a rebound-catapult system, with the motion of the ball sinking in, then pouncing off the pods with more energy. And it feels amazing on feet to.

Gradual Stability Frame: gradually getting stiffer from heel to toe, the GSF acts as a torsional stability system: meaning you get vital support under your feet so the soleplate only bends where it needs to, and that's in the forefoot.


Tech fueled to fuel the power in your shots, find the EvoPower 1 'Vigor' footy boots and Australia's True Football Destination: SPTFootball