Mizuno Morelia Neo 'Pearl' - Made in Japan

Mizuno Morelia Neo 'Pearl' - Made in Japan

Landing straight from the source to our doors in Melbourne - the Mizuno Morelia Neo... but 'Made in Japan'. If you know about these, you know. But if you don't, you should get to know them.

Made in Japan by Mizuno Football who have been producing the most elite products for the most elite players, they take pride in focusing on one thing and one thing only: how can they produce a product that not only feels and looks good, but performs better than other out there. Maybe lacking the big names and funds that your bigger brands have, Mizuno find themselves consistently impressing cliques of the football world by how they operate and produce each football boot. Their 'MiJ' Service (Made in Japan) takes over 100 years of skillful production and mastery to create todays most premium fooballing products. If the Rolls Royce was football boot, it'd be what we're talking about today.

Never skipping the moments that matter. Every second of the Morelia Neo's production was paid the most diligent and utmost respect and importance, ensuring the final product is at the highest possible quality standard. For what one step in a boots production may take 20 minutes these days - these take 24 hours. Time taken to be as precise as possible. Yet still, these are astoundingly lightweight and offer an unrivalled fit and feel on the ball.

A Kangaroo Leather footfoot fits in front of a deep lacing system, preferred for it's ability to produce a more precise fit around the foot. As they have been lasted for 24 hours, the fit is unrivalled, as most other boots these days sit on a lasting process for about 20 minutes. A premium suede heel liner sits atop perfectly weighted foam padding in the heel of the boots, creating one of the cosiest places your foot could ever be. A 'Zero Glide' insole acts as grip compound, almost entirely eliminating foot movement in the boot. 

The soleplates sticks to tradition, featuring all conical studs with a single bladed stud in the forefoots centre for stability. This is all contected to a lightweight TPU which runs up the heel to create an external heel-counter - offering standard protection and support in a vital area.


With every pair comes a kit - boot bag, leather cream with matching cloth and information pamplets. Just to add a bit more something-something to the already impressive package that is. Initally what comes off as a steep price point, when compared to other options in the market, it's not that hard to see why these are worth every penny. Built to last as they are the top of ranks in regards to quality, these last beyond seasons. There is a reason why Mizuno have a repertoire for keeping loyal cutomers... so dive into the deep world of the Morelia series and you too might become one.  


Experience the Rolls Royce of football boots with the 'MiJ' Morelia Neo in Pearl/Black/Red, available in-store and online at SPTFootball - Australia's True Football Destination.