New Balance 442

New Balance 442

Coming in at SPTFootball – the brand new 442 silo from New Balance. Built to offer an old-school feel in the modern day field, we’re getting a vibe that Australia just might enjoy the latest offering from the American brand. 

Featuring a Kangaroo leather forefoot, the 442 offers that more classic styled feel on the ball. Meaning you have a more padded touch and feel, rather than thin and responsive when compared to a modern day speed boot.


A neat addition to the 442 football boot from NB is its tongue lace cover. Secure it down with the Velcro tabs and you’re ready to go, giving the boot that proper old-school look and vibe.


Underneath the boot is the soleplate that comes from the Tekela 1.0 football boot – however, it’s slightly modified to feature shorter and less aggressive studs. Anyone who’s worn the Tekela’s soleplate knows that it is one of the most flexible and comfortable soleplates around, and it’s no different this time around on the 442.


The lining features a smooth and soft microfible synthetic, whilst the insole is a plush Ortholite sockliner – which always creates a comfortable ride.


Comfort, old-school cool, and no-fuss – cop your New Balance 442 Football Boot now at SPTFootball: Australia’s True Football Destination.