New Balance Furon 3.0 - Revamped, and ready to Devestate.

New Balance Furon 3.0 - Revamped, and ready to Devestate.

Newly unveiled and now available at SPTFootball, are the latest football boots from New Balance. The Furon has been updated to its 3rd variation so far, with New Balance Football re-vamping the model to fix the niggling issues its predecessor carried.

Still sticking to a hybrid mesh/TPU upper, the Furon 3.0 uses a softer variation of this, with a FantomFuse overlay. The FantomFuse overlay creates embossed zones on the boot, which aid in not only creating a dampened touch and controlled feel on the ball, but offer protection and take the sting away from when striking the ball: a problem notably present with the previous Furon's. 

Impressively, New Balance took inspiration from their running spikes to create their speed football boots. Found on such sneakers, the Speed Collar trims down the weight of the boot, but also creates a fast environment for your feet to sit in. Allowing for more ankle manoeuvrability and extra explosiveness, the locked-in sensation from the Speed Collar truly creates a fast feel for your feet. 

Down below where the studs lay, New Balance stuck to their winning formula with aggresive  studs, making the Furon 3.0 hold one of the better feeling stud patterns out there. Sharpened for maxumum penetration and acceleration, the Furon has triangular shaped studs, which keep you on your feet and in the game. 


Created to cause devestation in the oppositions final third, the New Balance Furon 3.0 football boots are available in-store and online at SPTFootball: Australia's True Football Destination