It's the HyperVenom's time to shine. Available 25th May at 9:00AM at SPTFootball, in-store and online, the HyperVenom Phantom III receives a colourway treatment only champions can dream of. Built for those attacking warriors always found in champion sides, who's task is to obliterate defenders and goal nets, the HyperVenom is set to cause some havoc during the pinnacle of this season. We're looking at you, 'Champions League Final'...

Being strong as always with it's two-tone clash, the Navy instep and vivid Orange outstep and heel create a vibrant contrast, topped off with Silver star-studed swooshes. With little Volt Yellow accents, the HyperVenom Phantom III in both low-cut and high-cut with the Dynamic Fit Collar, feature a Silver soleplate: fit for the champions look.


Available this 25th of May at Australia's True Football Destination, you can find your new Nike HyperVenom Phantom III 'Time To Shine' in-store and online at


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