Peak Leather Performance - adidas COPA

Peak leather performance - adidas COPA

Ever since adidas brought their football boots to the footballing world, one constant has not changed - their ability to produce outstanding leather boots.

In 2018, adidas released the Copa 19 range which included the ever anticipated Copa 19+. This was adidas' first laceless adventure into the leather boot realm. Prior too this, adidas had done some trickery on the Copa with the 17 and 18 models, both laced boots featuring a k-leather cross bootie styled upper, and a traditional conical stud soleplate. Even prior to this was adidas' Gloro series, but that wasn't enough it seemed. The Copa Mundial was still a cult favourite, but something needed to be done to breathe new life into the historic Copa franchise.

In came the Copa 17.1. This was adidas' big hit at reviving the Copa name, and bringing it back to the lips of every footballer. In a stunning 'Red Limits' colourway, the Copa 17.1 brandished a super plush kangaroo leather upper. It's Sprintframe soleplate allowed for the boot to be lightweight for the modern game, and featured conical studs at a generous length, for a more traditional ride.

'OUTCLASS' was the call out for the Copa 18 series, and it did just that. Not over-tinkering with the silo, adidas added a X-Ray Skeletal system to the leather vamp, leaving no need for any more stitching. The upper also got a one-piece construction, with now no split tongue - allowing for a bootie like fit.

Those who were intuitive enough knew that adidas were cooking some serious heat in the kitchen when they saw the Copa 18 had not changed much from its predecessor. They were gonna go big with the 19 generation - and big they did.

adidas went BOOM. Leather boots were no longer 'boring', as some were beginning to act towards the natural material. Young footballers who wouldn't normally pick up the leather boots from the shelve were now intrigued and wanting getting these on their feet. The 19+ (laceless) variation was unlike anything ever seen before. Laceless, and leather? Insane! adidas had somehow figured it out, and the on-feet experience these offered was incredible. They hit the nail on the head with the Pearl colourway to, showing off the supple leather better than any other shade of colour could do. Kudos to the colour-swatch team at adidas.

Masses rushed to the 19+ to test out the latest in laceless-leather technology. But something really important happened when the Copa 19 range was launched. Footballers began a migration back to adidas' leather football boots. When the adiPure and 11Pro silos had existed prior to being annexed in the 2015, players who wore leather boots were loving what adidas were producing. When these legendary silos were no longer, they were left looking for the next best thing - many went to the Tiempo, some elsewhere, some onto synthetics. But when the Copa 19.1 was back, we saw these true footballers back, and it was wonderful to see. The footballers who want a pure leather boot, that does the job, all the while maintaining key aspects a modern football boot needs.

And now we're here. In late 2019, adidas unveiled the Copa 20 series. Having surely invested a ton in R&D for the 19 series, adidas carried everything over onto the 20 series, only adding texturing to the upper. Albeit a tiny change, it was still much welcomed, as adidas hit a home-run with the 19 series, there really wasn't all to much they could do.

The current adidas Copa series covers all bases that a modern leather football boot should. It features a super soft kanagaroo leather upper which forms around your foot brilliantly. It is a joy to feel it in hand, and an even bigger one to feel it on-foot. Controlling and passing the ball is surreal in the Copa 20+ and 20.1, as the leather is of the highest quality and at the perfect thickness. The seamless upper provided by the lack of stitching and prevalent Fusionskin construction allows for a uniform fit and feel across the foot, while the 20.1's burrito styled tongue gives you a perfect wrap-around fit. They didn't need to go too complex with the soleplate, keeping things simple with the Comfortframe outsole, providing what the name suggests.

The Copa 20 will continue to lead as one of the top leather footy boots going around, as it continues to provide a bridge between the modern and traditional game. Leather boots aren't going anywhere any time soon.

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