Puma 'Uprising Pack' - Future 2.1 and ONE 19.1

Puma 'Uprising Pack' - Future 2.1 and ONE 19.1

Available NOW at SPTFootball - the all new Puma 'Uprising Pack'. Comprising of the brand new Future 2.1 and ONE 19.1 models, the Uprising Pack highlights Puma's efforts in creating two remarkably innovative football products.

The updated Future 2.1 features much the same ideas as it's predecessor, but improved in various forms. The NETFIT upper is integrated into the boot better for the ability to completely customise the overall fit of the boot. By being able to adjust and specify where the laces pull on your foot, you are able to get a perfect fit for your foot, based on how you customise the lacing variation in the NETFIT structure.

Its overall presence in the market is a lightweight option, giving the player the final say in how their boots fit and feel on feet. It's one underrated player in the field, that is sure to only get bigger and better from here.


The ONE takes a more refined approach to a football players wants in a boot - Fit, Fast, and Feel. It aims to tick all these three boxes, and does so successfully, by making sure the ONE 19.1 offers these three things in the most quality way. The ONE features a premium lightweight synthetic in the heel and midfoot for lockdown and reduced weight. It leads up to the forefoot which carries super soft Kangaroo leather with silicon dots for added ball feel. Overall, the Puma ONE 19.1 offers quality lockdown with incredible ball feel, perfect for the all-round player who wants to feel good and play better.

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