Test: Concave Halo+ Pro - White/Blue

Test: Concave Halo+ Pro - White/Blue

Recently updated to feature more striking elements than before, the Halo+ football boots from Concave has thus far, only seemed to impress us. Taking them for a whirl on-feet, we were able to see just how finely engineered these football boots are, and how much power they actually produce in our strikes.

On-feet, you can instantly notice how comfortable the Halo+ is. The soft memory-foam lining and padding gives an instant sense of plushness, made even more surreal by the added heel foam inserts. The slightly broader than your average speed boot fit, not only allows for more comfort, but for more foot types to be able to wear the Halo+: which is always a '+' in our books. 

Onto striking the ball now. The Concave striking element sits atop the highest eyelets in the lacing system. It is small in its area coverage, however, once struck properly, it is noticed. The only way to make the ball reach this element is to volley it, or whenever the ball is afloat. But once you hit it: you notice slightly more amount of something carrying the ball further in your strike. The science behind it shows that the concaved surface cups the ball perfectly, and once struck onto the firmer rubberized plastic, the ball returns with far more energy than it came with.

Interestingly enough, Concave Football have added other strike elements in the forefoot of the boot. Accompanied by extra ribs which protrude from the leather, these pieces of firm rubber allow for a more responsive strike. On feet, we were reminded by the power boots of yesteryear, with a more padded and firm, yet still easy and soft on the feet feel in the forefoot and striking area. Miss those good old days? We can assure you'll find yourself at home in the Halo+ football boots then.

Lastly, the soleplate acts as a simple one. With teardrop shaped studs, the Halo+ keeps you on your feet with minimal fuss. The sole is flexible enough to offer comfort, but still stiff in the midfoot where it needs to be, offering vital support.

It's always pleasant seeing the young guys on the block taking huge steps in their own innovation, being creative and original in their ideas, whilst producing quality products which match up to those mega brands. A power boot for those who still strive for rubber and hard bits of stuff in their leather uppers, the Halo+ is an extremely enjoyable playing experience and one that will be hard to beat.

Find yours today at Australia's True Football Destination: SPTFootball, in-store and online.