Asics Lethal Tigreor IT FF 2

Asics Lethal Tigreor IT FF 2

Are Asics football boots good for the round game in Australia? With football the most played sport in Australia, it's only right that there are football boots that'll provide something unique to all of our diverse playing group in Australia.
Thus Asics come into the play. There is no denying the question of if Asics Football Boots are any good for footballers in Australia - in fact, you'll find yourself in the Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 wondering where they have been in all the time, if you're looking for a supportive football boot which emphasises health and stability, rather than flashy colours and hefty price tags.

Still built with a kangaroo leather upper, the Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 features a skeletal system in the boots leather to provide support and upper shapeness without stitching. The leather upper on the Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 are able to mould to the players foot to provide a comfortable and personalised fit.

In regards to comfort and stability, whilst not compromising on maintaining a lightweight fit and feel - Asics deploy a raft of technologies in their tooling, thanks to decades of sporting innovation. First of a all, a FlyteFoam midsole offers lightweight cushioning during the landing phase of your stride. So when you're running, on Firm, Hard, or Artificial Surfaces, you're being supported by a propulsive and cushioned foam which is used across all of Asics' sporting footwear - and loved by runners the world over. A HG10mm heel gradient lifts the wearers heel up, positioning them in a constant ready state to stride off. This reduces strain and the possibility for injury. In the soleplate, the oval studs have been specially designed for better stability on turf surfaces, while the outsole polymer is constructed with a lighter compound than traditional outsole resins.

The soleplate is a brilliant option for footballers in Australia, as it works on all surfaces no matter how long, short, wet, and dry, while the supportive nature of the boot help you stay fit and wade away nasty injuries and niggles. No other brand in Australia focuses on this like Asics do.

The Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 can be used by all football codes in Australia: Football, Soccer, Aussie Rules (AFL), Touch Football, and Rugby. The versatility of the Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 matches the unpredictability of our sport in Australia, as grounds will vary in surfaces, and the weather will always chop and change. Support not only your footballing endevours, but support your feet with the Asics Tigreor IT FF 2 - available now at Australia's True Football Destination: SPT Football.