Real Madrid 'Special Edition' Authentic Print

Real Madrid 'Special Edition' Authentic Print

Adidas has designed a special edition print that combines North American and Porto Rican pop art on the shirt numbers, inspired by the artist Sen2, to raise awareness of the social educational projects that Real Madrid support.

Available now at SPTFootball is the Official and Authentic print that the players wore recently, which was created to highlight special values which Real Madrid aim to bring awareness to through their football.

Real Madrid FC players wore a unique charity jersey in their final clash in the United States against Juventus in Orlando last month.

The special edition jersey is the away kit, combined with 1950s US pop art and the vibrant street art of Puerto Rico, inspired by a painting by Sen2 (Sandro Figueroa), as part of adidas' “artist pack” initiative.

This unique version aims to raise awareness of the social sports projects run by the Real Madrid Foundation around the world aimed at integrating vulnerable young people through educational sports.

Bright colours and funky pop-art bring this special edition print to life, pairing excellently with the Away and 3rd Real Madrid jerseys from adidas Football.

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