Ball Information

There are many intricacies to purchasing a football in today's modern game - it's important to get the right ball for your play, as today's game isn't about just kicking any round thing you can get your hands on:


Football's come in varying sizes. Read below to understand what the difference in sizes are, prior to choosing a right football for you or your team:

Size 5: Under 14 to Senior - used in Senior Levels of play, typically starting from the age of 14+. Most Official Match Footballs, which are stamped with the FIFA Quality Pro Approval, are made in Size 5. These balls are used in Elite competitions in Australia, and around the world.

Size 4: Under 10 to Under 13 - used in Junior levels of play. Size 4 Footballs are used for ages 14 and under, and are the optimal size for small-sided outdoor games, and Junior training.

Size 3: Beginner to Under 9 - used in Miniroos levels of play. Size 3 footballs are used for beginner footballers, as their small size suits players of younger stature as they develop their bodies and footballing skills.

Mini: commonly known as 'skills' balls, Mini footballs are a novel football, used as collectors items or for fun, hence 'skills' being referred to often with these balls. They are excellent for fine tuning a footballers touch and control, as the small size of the football makes for more difficult play, requiring a player to be extremely precise in their practice and training.



When engineered for elite levels of play, footballs are required to go through a rigorous testing regime through footballs governing body - FIFA. The FIFA Quality Pro stamp is rewarded to footballs which uphold the specifications and quality that is required for use in the worlds top competitions. Balls of this caliber are typically quite pricey, as the materials used and diligent manufacturing process, require a lot more quality and attention to detail than a typical football does. Click here to view our Official Match Ball range.

FIFA Quality Programme | IFAB



Whether for match-day use, club training, or personal training - it's vital to use the ball that your governing body stipulates as the official match football of your game-day. At SPT Football, we are proud to stock the Official Match Footballs of: NPL Victoria, NPL New South Wales, NPL Queensland, NPL West, NPL Northern New South Wales and NPL Capital. View our Equipment tab, to see which footballs are suited for your State or Territory.